YouTube Channel

YouTube channel and play lists. I do Let’s play, series including RimWorld, Cities Skylines, Prison Architect Alpha 11 Modified.

Videos like Let’s play, RimWorld Alpha 11 Quick tips on construction and defense strategy.

I also have a new series on the new Ice sheets biome, with Randy Random, set to Extreme Difficulty The new series with no mods. The terrain is Small hills, and having no trees, and nothing to hunt, should make for a great run. This time I even started without the Edb Interface.

Rimworld Current Series

Cities Skylines this is a first day video of Cities Skylines it’s a city building game that came out the 10th of March, 2015 from Colossal Order and Paradox.
Just learning the game and having some fun with the Water. I will be uploading a real Let’s Play series ASAP, along with tips and downloadable assets for all to use.

Newest Cities Skylines Series

Prison Architect

New Season mega cash play through starting with all the cash we need from the old sell off this time we might do something write or not, there are still many aspects of the game that I don’t know.

First prison attempt in Prison Architect ended with selling for more than one million dollars! And the alternate ending did crash and burn in a mega death wave.

Prison Architect Series

Game play maximum security prison design, build, and manage the systems for detaining the prisoners that are determined to escape. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper it’s a strategy / management game it should be a good challenge.

Coming soon.

I have also started programming games, and will start a new series maybe a game creation tutorial focused on the new games that I am working on soon. Using Unity 5 game engine Blender 2.7 and some other development software.

I programmed Star Something for Ludum Dare 34 every thing created from new using no downloaded assets in 48 hours

The newest video from the channel updated almost every day.